I would highly recommend Kenneth Caisse for all your divorce needs! He handled my divorce case and was very thorough in his explanations of everything, kept me well informed and was very supportive of the decisions I made that differed from his. He kept me informed at all times about my bill so there were no surprises. He's a very caring and kind individual and you will not be displeased.

I want to express my deep thanks for the work you performed for me earlier this year on my divorce. You received a problem divorce proceeding with issues created by my previous attorney, and you patiently and decisively worked these issues through with the opposing attorney and made a problematic situation resolved by your diplomacy, attention to detail, thoroughness, and your ability to negotiate. Your professionalism is above par. I am honored that you accepted to be my legal representative, and I would recommend your services to anyone who needs an attorney who is honest, hard-working, professional and a pleasure to work with.

Let me begin by saying: As difficult as this process is, you will get through it. Attorney Caisse was kind enough to share this sentiment the first time I contacted him. That first phone call was not easy to make but I quickly realized he was the correct person to help me navigate this very personal undertaking. Initially, never having been through a divorce, I was anxious. I would be ending a marriage of over two decades; therefore, I had multiple factors to consider including property, insurance, 401k division, education for our children, etc. The idea of it was daunting to say the least. Yet, after my first meeting with Attorney Caisse, I was reassured. He listened carefully to my objectives and concerns, answered all my questions, laid out a plan of action and explained in detail exactly what I would need to do moving forward. Although I had been married to this person for quite a long time, I did not foresee many actions/reactions as the divorce process progressed. When in such a situation, people can behave in ways you would not expect. This was another area where Attorney Caisse's experience was invaluable. He anticipated potential problems and had strategies prepared to deal with issues as they arose. He also pushed for the outcome I wanted to achieve while grounding any unrealistic expectations I had. He was straightforward about what was possible and when it came to any negotiating on my behalf, he stood his ground protecting my interests and those of my children. I realize choosing an attorney to represent you at this very personal, trying time is not easy. However, I can give Attorney Caisse my wholehearted recommendation. I received exceptional counsel that only years of dedicated experiences, such as his, can provide. His personalized attention to the details that were so important to myself and my children made all the difference in achieving a positive resolution versus a merely acceptable one.

I was absolutely pleased with the service and assistance that Attorney Caisse provided to me in my divorce. His wisdom, knowledge of the law, and strategic insights were unsurpassed, and I believe these played a key role in the satisfactory resolution of my case. At the same time, Attorney Caisse was incredibly patient with me as I struggled through both the details and the emotions of the divorce. Finally, he was always very conscious of costs, and regularly made suggestions to avoid unnecessary expenses, instead of spending more time and money on an issue than the issue was worth. He has truly earned the title “Counselor at Law".

The impact of divorce can have a significant effect on a family; well beyond the spousal relationship and most importantly, children and generations to follow. Working with an attorney who has the experience, maturity, and compassion to assist a family through this very difficult process is essential. My experience with Ken allows me to say with sincerity that his ability to communicate with both parties, develop an understanding of the important issues and provide a pathway to a fair and reasonable settlement is paramount to making the process easier, and the outcome, either through mediation or negotiation, more acceptable. I always found the term “family planning" that is used by divorce attorney's to be somewhat of an "oxymoron", however, Ken's approach to divorce settlement seems to make the term very applicable.

I have known attorney Ken Caisse for 15 years. He has been all this time the lawyer who guided me consecutively through a very disputed divorce process, several court appearances (almost every 2 years) and numerous issues as: visitations, Guardians ad Litem, counseling or not for our child, co-parenting counselor/counselors. Ken continues to be a constant advisor even at this point in time. Ken has been not only an excellent lawyer, with a wonderful expertise, but he has had through the years an excellent and irreproachable manner and attitude through very difficult and stressful times. He has taught me resilience, correct expectations and right ways to deal with a very complicated legal system (which is difficult to understand when you do not have the right training). Due to Ken, I have been able to address correctly issues with guardians ad litem, and other professionals, present myself in a better way in court and even taught me few skills and wording. Ken has represented me in court exemplary, being always well prepared and knowing the case in detail, but he has also helped me to be a better advocate for my child and for myself. I could not have gone successfully through such an intense exposure to the legal system, court and contentious issues without Ken. Through this testimonial, I would like to thank Ken warmly for everything he has done for my child and me.

I am beyond grateful that I hired Ken Caisse as my attorney! Ken truly had my best interest at heart, and it was evident in his thorough preparation of pre-trial and trial work! He was knowledgable about the law, always prepared for court sessions every time, and as a result, he got an amazing outcome for me and my children. I highly recommend Ken Caisse for anyone who needs a family law attorney!!

Ken Caisse was suggested to me when my first attorney was making little or no progress in my alimony reduction case. After our first meeting, in which Ken suggested a totally different approach, the matter was successfully concluded to my complete satisfaction in a matter of months. Attorney Caisse was personable, diligent, competent, honest and affordable. The progress made after he took my case was a remarkable turnaround from my previous attorney. He also handled the transition of switching attorneys, in a smooth and very professional manner, I highly recommend Ken and would use his services again if needed.

I was referred to Attorney Caisse's office by an associate that saw me struggling with representation that was not getting positive results. Attorney Caisse's discovery arrived at similar facts and conditions, yet what differed was his intelligent, methodical and direct approach that strived for resolution. The opposing party and representation created many unnecessary obstacles and procedural objections, yet Ken was able to address or eliminate them and move the process forward. From consultation through settlement, he saved precious time and resources and was a determined negotiator, always advocating in my best interests. I wouldn't call Ken a bulldog; he's always polite and professional, armed with facts and a rational path to resolve conflict. Maybe more like a pit bull,...great company but don't even try to enter the Master's domain.

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